Pamela Lashall
Pamela Lashall


For my client, author, speaker, television host and write, I recorded this video.

The client wanted to lean towards a modern aesthetic. To achieve that, I applied color correcting techniques that would create a monochrome, low contrast appeal with a sans serif font. And my choice for the design (at the end) considers the client's primary brand color, hot pink and her love for a little sparkle.  MY ROLE:  Videographer and editor.

I created this teaser in 2015 for my video series onYoutube, The New Noir. I wanted to see how I could use Prezi to make a graphic/animation style video. MY ROLE: Creator, Writer, Narrator, Editor, Graphic Designer.

I wanted to make a video like this because I was frustrated with women and girls that I knew that were taking themselves too seriously. It's inspired by Colbie Cailait's hit song "Try". MY ROLE: Creator, Talent, Videographer, Editor, Graphic Designer.

This is a 6 part video series, introducing elementary kids' learning apps, that I produced and directed for my client. MY ROLE:  Set Dresser, Producer, Film/Talent Director and Art Director. I hired a videographer for this series who shot and edited it.

I had the most fun editing this video, making it super ridiculous, totally a character that takes on serious topics in a fun and energetic way. This was a part of a video series that I made called Two Minute Tuesdays, where I set out to give some practical advice, on YouTube, in two minutes or less.

I wanted to experiment with a variety of editing techniques to test visual and audio communication methods and impact. MY ROLE: Talent, Set Designer, Editor, Graphic Designer.