Something New


Doing something I've Never Done Before!

This is my first-ever blog post here. I'm Pam. I'm a self-proclaimed downtown Los Angeles lifer, one of the few people who moved to downtown before GQ magazine named it "America's Next Great City". Before the Nokia Theater was changed to the Microsoft Theater, before there was even an L.A. Live to which the Nokia Theater (and Wolfgang Puck, the ice-skating rink, the Ritz Carlton, Yard House, and the JW Marriott) could have ever even existed.

Before Ace Hotel opened.

When Clifton's was the 'original Clifton's'. 

Before Urban Outfitters came to town. 

Before the cultural and economic shift, before gentrification, before Whole Foods and certainly before $4,000/mo studio apartments.

I moved downtown Los Angeles in the spring of 2008 because I knew that I would be working in the Fashion District, at the Cooper Design Space, and then The New Mart. Later, I went on to found and produce L.A. Fashion Week-MEN'S at the California Market Center. My work life has always sort of been downtown Los Angeles-centric. And, I have always loved living close to work.  

I lived in downtown Los Angeles before Bottega Louie  renovated the old bank building, when they were under construction - before they even started construction - that should give good reference to what downtown L.A. looked like when I moved to town.

But that's not what this blog is going to be about - I just wanted to make the point that.. 

Well as a lifer, I take great pride in knowing about DTLA's happenings. And, I am constantly embarrassed when someone tells me all about a new hip little pop-up or restaurant opening or gallery viewing that I, shamefully, didn't know about. 

That's exactly how I felt about Spring Street Park! When did this pop up? Where have I been? Oh, that's right traveling 6 months out of every year for the past 8 years ..

Notwithstanding, it's January 1, 2016, and I want to do something mellow, but something that I've never done before. It's about time that I finally got my bum over there this weekend to see what all the hype was about. 

Spring Street Park is this little park on Spring between 4th and 5th Street with amazing greenery, industrial design, modern architecture, and urban art. It suits the neighborhood well, both a dog park and an idyllic photographers destination.