Catching Jeff Koons

The Broad Museum (PRONOUNCED 'ROAD') opened up in downtown Los Angeles, September 20, 2015.

Going to The Broad Museum

marks the moment that I finally caught up with the work of Mr. Jeff Koons! Yep - It seemed like every time that I arrived in a new city, looked up the local contemporary art museums, a Jeff Koons exhibit had just left - or would be leaving, in like an hour when the museum closed for the day, and the exhibit would be closing; and I was off to the next city. (In hindsight, a google alert probably would have been helpful).

I fell in love with Jeff Koons, the person, before I knew about his work, in particular. I had seen him in an interview with Pharrell Williams. He's so passionate about his work, loves playing with language, and seems super humble - what's not to love? I had seen the balloon sculptures before, in the media, and I had seen smaller versions of his sculptures, made in various forms, but I had never known the artist responsible, or the cultural significance of his work. I know, I obviously lived under a rock pre-2013.

So imagine my surprise when The Broad Museum opened up in downtown Los Angeles, headlining four Jeff Koons exhibits! 

As far as I can tell, tickets are sold out through June 2016. If you can't score a ticket online, don't worry. You can get in line with other people from all around the globe to wait for a chance to get into this magnificent contemporary art museum.

That's how I finally made it into this museum.

And, I'll be back soon.  

It's hard to take in everything in just one visit. It's such an overwhelming experience, both an amazing point of historical reference and an epic presentation of contemporary art thought leaders.

My favorite exhibits (above): Jeff Koons, Christopher Wool, and Glen Ligon, (above).

Visit the Museum: 221 S GRAND AVENUE, LOS ANGELES, CA 90012

\\Watch\\ Pharrell Williams interview Jeff Koons