There is only one thing that I can say about this restaurant: breathtaking.


Le Petit Paris is one of the most fabulous restaurants in downtown Los Angeles - honestly. Formerly home to Hotel Stowell and Charlie Chaplin, circa the early 1900s, I got the feeling that the restaurant's designer wanted to carefully bring guests into the 21st century without diluting the feeling of the Los Angeles' heyday's legendary hotel. The french restaurateurs, Fanny and David Rolland, kept the original tiles, the main lobby, grand staircase and the mezzanine.

While doing my research on this french invasion, it seemed that dozens of passerby peeked in, asking "What is this place?". And, that's the feeling that I had the moment I saw the brasserie. It's so gorgeous!

But listen up friends, instead of adoring it from the outside, go in, check out the commissioned french artwork, have a seat on a crushed velvet sofa, and have lunch or an evening dinner in the main dinning area, upstairs private dinning room, or the outdoor patio (pet friendly!).

Visit the restaurant: 418 S SPRING STREET, LOS ANGELES, CA, 90013